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Hometown: Atlanta, GA
School: Tuskegee University; Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Culturally Connected and Proud
Essence Goddess Traits: Wisdom and Femininity

My Black is Inspiring! I’m proud of who I am and where I come from—I’m NOT afraid to show it, either. It’s in the way I walk and the way I talk. From my natural hair to my coco-brown skin, I wear my Black with confidence and pride.

I’ve been told that I’m ahead of my time. I can agree with that. Because I’ve always been one step ahead —moving through life with purpose, style and grace. My deep passion for my family and burning desire to succeed are evident. My hard work and determination is what moves mountains. This is why my Black is Inspiring!


Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
School: Florida A&M University
Entrepreneurial and Spiritually Connected
Essence Goddess Traits: Bold and Driven

My Black is Powerful! When I step into any room, my confidence says it all. I can own the room at a moment’s notice, because I was born ready and destined for greatness. There’s this light that burns inside of me and keeps me driving forward, without limits. I’m a visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion to succeed. Family and faith are what keep me grounded. At the end of the day, I know that with HIM – anything is possible

But don’t let my all-business decorum fool you. I’m considered a triple threat. I’m in love with business, the arts and movement. And when all three come together, I’m unstoppable. For that reason, my Black is Powerful!


Hometown: New Orleans, LA
School: UC Berkeley
Teacher, Student and World Traveler
Essence Goddess Traits: Free-spirited and Passionate

My Black is Boundless! My mom didn’t name me Phoenix for nothing. Just like the beautiful bird, I’m always ready to spread my wings and fly. Travel is at the core of my being, as it brings color to my life like never before. Even better, being able to experience different cultures and traditions opens my world up to so many different possibilities.

But I’m not only passionate about travel; I’m truly passionate about children, too. I believe that the more you open up a child’s mind and allow them to see that “there’s more to life than these four walls” — the more you inspire their world. That’s why my Black is Boundless.