Is breakfast served all day?
Why did my favorite menu item disappear? We get it — it can be a bummer to see your favorite menu item suddenly disappear. We switch up our menu items based on what we... more »
Can I order a sandwich without sauce? Go for it! We want you to be happy with your meal, so we encourage you to customize your order to your tastes... more »
What do you do with left over food at the end of the day? On the whole, we try to avoid having leftover food at the end of the workday. And we currently recycle used cooking oil in nearly... more »
Where do you get your Chicken McNuggets? We work with three dedicated Chicken McNugget suppliers: Keystone Foods, Tyson and Dorada – all located in the U.S., in states... more »
Where do you get your produce? It comes from all over, really. A menu like ours is diverse and so is how we source our produce. Our apples come from Washington, Michigan... more »
What's the difference between hotcakes and pancakes? There is no difference. We just prefer to call them ‘hotcakes’ instead of ‘pancakes.’ Still round, fluffy and topped with real butter... more »
Do you recycle at every McDonald's location? Recycling is just as important to us as it is to you so, in some areas, our restaurants offer recycling and/or composting... more »
Do any of your menu items contain high fructose corn syrup? Yes, some do. We use a variety of sweeteners including high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), in our menu items based on how they... more »
Do you even sell real food? Absolutely. From the 100% beef in our burgers to the white meat chicken in our Chicken McNuggets to the Grade A egg in our Egg McMuffin... more »
Do you sell veggie burgers? No, we don't currently sell veggie burgers. Although, we are always looking to evolve our menu. We have many customizable... more »
Are your meat products gluten-free? We currently don't offer a gluten-free menu. That said, we encourage customers with special dietary needs to... more »
Would you feed your food to your own family? Absolutely. We genuinely enjoy the food we make and are proud to have our families eat it too...more »
Why is the All Day Breakfast Menu different in some locations? When we launched the All Day Breakfast Menu, we changed up our whole way of doing things. We went from dividing breakfast... more »
Do you offer fruit and dairy options? You bet! We’re committed to helping make nutrition-minded choices fun and easy for families and we’re proud to have... more »
Do you use real butter? Yes! Just like how you butter toast at home, we use real butter on our English muffins, biscuits and bagels on breakfast menu items...more »
Is there a secret menu? We have no secret menu — or do we? Actually, our customers are pretty clever when it comes to customizing the... more »
Why do you offer cheaper menu items than some other restaurants? We serve more than 27 million customers every day, so we buy in bulk. And, as anyone who's ever shopped at a warehouse club... more »
Why are your ingredients for your fries different in the U.S. from those in the U.K.? Every country has a way of doing things a little differently, so there are a few reasons that can influence why our ingredients vary... more »
How would you recommend reheating your fries once they’re cold? Our World Famous Fries are best enjoyed when they’re served fresh and hot... more »
What's a 10:35? Is there really such a thing as a secret menu? The 10:35 is not an official part of our menu. We know our customers are pretty creative people and like to customize our... more »
How healthy is your breakfast parfait? Well, why don't we just give you the facts: our Fruit 'N Yogurt parfait is made from low-fat yogurt, berries and granola, all for 150... more »
Are there vegetarian options on your menu? Many of our menu items can be customized without meat. We encourage you to order however you like — if that means without meat, we'll gladly... more »
Is there MSG in any of your products? We don't add any monosodium glutamate (MSG) to any of our menu items... more »
What is the healthiest meal I can get at McDonald's? Our menu offers a variety of options, and we make it easy for you to get nutritional information so you can pick and choose the meal that... more »
Do you offer any kind of gluten-free alternative? Currently, we don't offer a gluten-free menu. That said, we encourage our customers with special dietary needs to visit our... more »
Do your products contain trans fat? Yes, some of our products do contain trans fats. Some of those trans fats occur naturally in foods like beef and chicken. Some of... more »
How much do you care about the people who eat your food? Our customers are the heart of our business. They are the reason we exist and have been able to for the past sixty years. We serve... more »
How are you changing the way you think about ingredients? We want our customers to feel good about the food they eat in our restaurants, which is why we’re making changes they will feel... more »
Why are you partners with the Alliance for a Healtheir Generation? In 2013, we partnered with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation on a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to make five commitments to increase ... more »