Happy Meals & More

We take fun food really seriously. And parents can feel good knowing that we offer choices that can help kids learn to make smart menu decisions. Take a look at our Happy Meals right here, or visit the website for the latest news.

We want parents to trust that at McDonald’s, kids can get what they need to live active, balanced lives. In fact, we enlisted a team of moms from across the country to dig deep into the McDonald’s system.

Your kids are one of the reasons we take food safety and quality so seriously. We’re proud that our quality and safety standards are among the highest in the restaurant industry.

And did you know that we serve many of the same trusted brands available at your local grocery store? We proudly serve Tyson®, Dean® and Newman’s Own® products, just to name a few.


We even look at the way we talk about Happy Meals in the media. Our Children’s Marketing Global Guidelines ensure that our advertising and marketing is clear, appropriate, truthful, and that it addresses age-appropriate communications to children.

We’ve also worked with the Better Business Bureau’s Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. A voluntary self-regulation program, the Initiative is designed to shift the mix of advertising messaging to children towards encouraging healthier dietary choices and healthy lifestyles.