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The Road to Sustainability

McDonald’s never stops working toward improving our environmental performance...and reaping “double green” benefits around the world.


The Road to Sustainability

Building a sustainable McDonald’s involves all facets of our business.

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Keeping Score

Several years ago, McDonald’s worked with Conservation International to develop an environmental scorecard. It drives greater awareness of resource use (energy, water, air emissions and waste) with the ultimate goal of reducing our environmental impacts.

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Our Supply Chain

To provide you with both good food and good value, we consider our priorities for food safety, quality and cost–as well as sustainability–when making sourcing decisions. Our vision for a sustainable supply chain links responsibility for ethical, environmental and economic outcomes.

See how McDonald’s is developing a more sustainable future for our global supply chain

Our Suppliers

And we never forget that our supply chain is comprised of hard-working people. Which is why McDonald’s holds our suppliers to our Supplier Code of Conduct. It’s the right thing to do and it’s how we do business.

Learn more about our focus, vision and approach regarding sustainable supply chain.