Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®)

Helping Children Heal

Comfort, hope, and pride, have long been the pillars of great communities. That’s why 365Black remains deeply rooted and proud to celebrate and support RMHC, McDonald’s Charity of Choice. RMHC supports the entire family by providing stability, time and vital resources to strengthen their ill child.

Lending Life A Helping Hand

Starting a family brings a lot of excitement and emotions, but when Crystal Bell went into premature labor with twin girls, the stress was overwhelming.

While the twins, Ky’Briegh and Kai’Liegh, arrived weighing one pound each, things would become more serious. After three weeks, Ky’Briegh developed a severe, life-threatening illness, and Kai’Liegh required heart surgery. Crystal had to relocate her twins to a hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Fortunately, a Ronald McDonald House was nearby to fill the distance from their home in Louisiana, with the support and care. Staff and volunteers provided compassion, and a place to stay and rest. Crystal found a haven for the toughest times.

For nine months, the support and efforts of others surrounded her and the girls to help any way they could. But the twins were the ones helped the most.

With Crystal staying so close to the hospital, she was there with her kids at every moment. Not going through things alone, Crystal and her girls found the care and strength they needed.

With all their wishes coming true, Crystal and the entire Ronald McDonald House family celebrated the girls second birthday. One filled with health, happiness, and hope.
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