10 Things You Need to Know About
Building Buzz

Build buzz about your personal brand and you could be one step closer to that job or business opportunity. If you do not have an online presence, build one fast! There are hundreds of free social media, blogging and website online resources. Take advantage of these tips to build your brand and win!

1. Define Who You Are

Define what makes you unique and the person that you strive to be. These attributes will help you start molding your personal brand and give you a better understanding of how you should market yourself to others.

2. Elevator Pitch Perfect Statement

If you are stuck on an elevator with a CEO who can either award you a contract or give you a job, what will you say to convince them that you are the person they are looking for? Create a WOW statement that describes your strengths and accomplishments in 30 seconds or less. Try creating your pitch with this pitch builder!

3. Be Visual

The best way to attract employers or customers is by having a visually appealing presence, which may include images, logos or taglines. Be choosy!

4. Underpromise, Overdeliver

It is always best to pitch yourself to the best of your ability; however, make sure that you are not promising more than you can deliver.

5. Website/Blog

Think of a personal website or blog as your 24/7 personal sales manager that is always working for you. On your website or blog, make sure to include your resume highlights, personal mission statement and more about why you are a superstar!

6. Get Social

In today’s society, social media is crucial for networking, business and job opportunities. LinkedIn is an especially good resource for making connections in the business world. Most social media platforms are free and easy to use.

7. Clean Up in Aisle 4

If you type your name in a search engine and you are shocked by the search results, there is a good chance potential employers are equally shocked. Take the time to remove photos and status updates that do not portray you at your best. Some sites will even alert you if your name pops up in search results, so do your research and protect your online identity NOW. Check out this resource for more information on how to clean up your online reputation.

8. Do You

Being yourself is the best way to make an impression. Pretending or posing just makes you look lame.

9. Network (Get Involved)

Whether it is a sorority or a fraternity, volunteer opportunity or Meet Up, take the time to network with groups that are aligned with your new personal brand. Having a strong network can lead to future business opportunities and possibly your next job. For more information on networking for business, take a look at this resource for ways to get involved.

10. Walk the Talk

You have figured out who you are and who you strive to be and that’s great! Now, walk the talk! For example, if you say you are a friendly budget cruncher and customer service guru, but you are known as the meanest person in your community; that is not walking the talk. Remember to always be the person you strive to be because you never know who is watching you!

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