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Why You Should Volunteer

Reaching back to help others may be an obvious value in your community; however, by helping others you can also help yourself.

How Can You Help?

Your skills and life experiences are invaluable to many non-profit organizations with countless projects and dwindling budgets. Are you a strong leader? Can you write circles around your coworkers? Are you a social media beast? Your skills, along with your time, are a win for nonprofits who are desperately trying to connect with you and your friends. More importantly, you will be helping someone in need.

How Can Volunteering Help You?

Volunteering for a non-profit can yield many benefits. If you are noticing gaps in your career experience, volunteering is an excellent way to build your resume with the right type of experience. For example, if you want to hone your leadership skills or show that you have the ability to manage a team, ask a local nonprofit about their board or leadership opportunities and get behind the wheel and drive! If you are building your network, don’t forget to get your peer volunteers and organization leaders’ contact information. Almost anyone can lead you to your next opportunity and help you in the future.

Volunteering can be a good entry point if you need to boost your resume or build your network. Check out the In The Community page for volunteer opportunities near you. Now that’s a good look!