You're Hired

Be Persistent!

Searching for a job or switching careers can be a frustrating task and you may find yourself wanting to give up your search. Be Persistent! This is your coach talking and we promise you that persistence pays off! Here are some tips to help you persistently go after a job or a new career.

Apply and Apply Again

Unless the application process is specified by the employer, apply to a job by using two different forms of communication. For example, submit your app online and follow it up with an emailed resume. Old school, but multiple “touches” can work in your favor. If you are called for an interview (text link), remember to follow up with a thank you note!

Go Get It!

Do you dream about working for a certain company (Maybe with golden arches? Hey, we had to ask!)? Well, don’t stop there! Be Persistent! Send a letter to the company describing your strengths and how you will be a great asset on their team. Make sure to follow up with a phone call or an email to confirm they have received your letter of intent. Being proactive shows the key leaders in the company that you mean business!

Be Irresistible

Attract potential employers by making yourself an online superstar. If you type your name in a search engine and you are shocked by the search results, there is a good chance potential employers are equally shocked. If you do not have an online presence, build one fast! Most social media, blogging and website sites are free to use. Take advantage of these resources and make yourself irresistible to a future employer. Build your brand and win!

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