Let’s get outside!

The FA designed app that lets you earn points and badges through completing different fun challenges. Suitable for all abilities and completely free.

 Why download the app?


Prepare for your children’s play to be supercharged! Loads of challenges to get them playing outside and earning points and badges.

Great Challenges

From active challenges to creative challenges, there’s hundreds of them to suit children of all abilities. All designed to get them outside and active.

Free and safe

Not only is the app free to download, there are no in-app purchases; so no surprising bills for parents. In addition, the SuperKicks App is a private network, so your children are given extra safety, as there’s no social sharing features.

By FA Coaches

You can be rest assured that the app is tailored to your children’s needs, as it’s designed by FA coaches in conjunction with FA education. All the challenges are aligned with the England DNA.

Download the SuperKicks App now

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