Made with 100% chicken breast meat

Are you a Chicken McNuggets® or a Chicken Legend® fan? Do you prefer Chicken Selects® or a Crispy Chicken Wrap? We only use chicken breast meat across our entire chicken range.

From farm to restaurant

We’re proud of the suppliers we use and we won’t work with anyone who does not adhere to our own high standards of animal welfare, as well as those required by EU legislation.
Why is this important? Because great tasting food made with quality ingredients is one of our top priorities. So if suppliers don’t meet these standards, we don’t work with them.
Though we’re proud of the work we’ve done so far, we know we can do more and we are committed to sourcing chicken with improved welfare outcomes.

Simply delicious

Take our Chicken McNuggets®. First the chicken breast meat is chopped to make them easier to shape and eat. Then they’re coated twice - once with a light batter and then with a thicker one called 'tempura'. Our teams then cook each McNugget® till they’re as golden as that one sunny day in an Irish Summer. Served nice and hot, the way the perfect McNugget® should be. At McDonald’s, there’s always a good story behind our food.

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