Preserving Irish Fisheries

At McDonald’s Ireland we source all of our fish from Marine Stewardship Council-certified sustainable fisheries.

We hope you don’t think of the fish we serve as the little cousin around here, we sure don’t.
You see, it’s all down to the great tasting Hoki. Not only that, it’s completely responsibly sourced too.

What’s the Marine Stewardship Council?

You’ll see the MSC logo on our menu and packaging. It’s an easy way to spot that the fish you’re buying is sustainably-sourced and can be traced back to its ocean source. So you know that you’re helping to preserve the oceans for future generations

Working to safeguard fish stocks

Our famous Filet-o-Fish® and Happy Meal® Fish Fingers use Hoki or Pollock. All our fish comes from Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable fisheries, which means we’re helping to safeguard fish stocks for the future.

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