Super fruit

We’ve also increased choice on the menu. Fries can be swapped for fruit bags or carrot sticks and you can add a fruit bag. We’ve also introduced low-fat milk, or water, and less than a quarter of Happy Meals are now sold with a sugary fizzy drink.

Happy Meal
Veggie Dippers

We’ve also added more options for kids by introducing the new Veggie Dippers into the Happy Meal.

Much less fat


By carefully formulating a blend of non-hydrogenated sunflower and rapeseed oils, we’ve reduced the saturated fat in our restaurant cooking oil by a whopping 83%. Pretty good news, right?


Irish farms

And, just like the rest of our menu, the beef our Happy Meal® comes from Irish farms. It's always 100% whole cuts of beef, from the forequarter and flank, prepared by butchers with just a pinch of salt and pepper added after cooking. The same goes for our chicken - it's just chicken breast meat.

Good to know

So, you see, there's a lot in our Happy Meal® to make you happy, as well as your kids. And that's good to know.

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