Success Stories

As our founder Ray Kroc said, "McDonald's can't be successful unless our Owner/Operators are successful." We still believe that today. Approximately 85% of McDonald's US restaurants are owned and operated by independent business men and women, our Owner/Operators.

McDonald's continues to be recognized as a premier franchising company around the world. The fact that McDonald's management listens so carefully to and collaborates with our Owner/Operators has a lot to do with that success.
Our Owner/Operators devote full time and best efforts to their restaurant business. Their focus and passion is what makes McDonald's the number one food service organization in the world.

Owner/Operator Perspectives

John Ebert

...became an Owner/Operator in 1990. His 16 restaurants are located in West Virginia and Maryland. Learn more


Tony Herques

...became an Owner/Operator in 1996 and now owns 11 restaurants in southern Louisiana. Learn more


James Poore

...has been an Owner/Operator since 2002 and owns three restaurants in Indianapolis. Learn more


Celeste Quintana

...operates 10 restaurants in Jersey City and Newark, NJ. Learn more