Heather D’Arcy

Chief Information Officer, McDonald’s USA

As CIO of McDonald’s USA, Heather D’Arcy is responsible for the development and execution of the technology strategy and delivery of all technology products and services to 14,000 U.S. McDonald’s restaurants.  

Heather is committed to working closely with the U.S. leadership team and the Restaurant Technology Board to deliver on the technology components of Bigger Bolder Vision 2020. 

Prior to joining McDonald’s, Heather began her career with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in New Zealand. She held a variety of roles leading outsourcing efforts across data centers, telecom, help desks, network infrastructures, mainframe and business applications. During this tenure, Heather worked with several large accounts, including the South Australian Government, Chevron, Chevron Texaco and American Airlines.

Heather transitioned to Hewlett-Packard with their purchase of EDS, maintaining a strong relationship with American Airlines by ensuring a smooth transition of their products and services. More recently, Heather oversaw Dell’s account, handling multi-billion-dollar strategic outsourcing projects.

Heather has an adult daughter, Brier, who resides in New Zealand and works for the Crown. Heather currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.