Kathy Wang




There’s a Chinese saying, “What we take from society, we give back to society.”

In high school, I started the Volunteer Service Group and worked together with nonprofit organizations to assist the visually impaired in our area and those affected by international earthquakes. In college, as the Director of Medical Drives for the Harvard student chapter of the Foundation for the International Medical Relief for Children, I helped send over 200 pounds of medical supplies to clinics around the world.

Thanks to the McDonald’s RMHC/ASIA scholarship, I feel even more motivated to expand these efforts. Currently, I am gearing my studies towards a future in public service. One day, I hope to help more people in the world.

The scholarship also helped me realize that the strength and success of a community lies with individuals. I would like to encourage people to get involved and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s by working with others for a bigger cause that we can learn the most about ourselves and improve ourselves, along with the world we share.

Kathy Wang, RMHC/ASIA Scholarship Recipient

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