Kavisha Khanuja




I’m a very “hands on” person especially when it comes to my community.

Whether it’s helping clean up playgrounds after school, organizing parades or just coordinating a local toy drive, I will look for any excuse to get involved.

However, I’ve had to put some of these things on hold for the time being so that I can focus on a much bigger ambition – college. After all, earning a scholarship to attend a college like Barnard, here at Columbia, was a huge blessing and one that I owe all to the (RMHC) Ronald McDonald House Charities®/Asia Scholarship Program. They came through for me in a big way by believing in my potential and that’s something I will never forget.

For me, education and community go hand and hand. If I can help motivate others to reach their educational goals or make a difference in their community then I will be the first to volunteer. After all, life is about taking risks, learning from mistakes and making your dreams a reality. So, if that means getting my hands a little dirty then I’m ok with that.

Kavisha Khanuja, RMHC/ASIA Scholarship Recipient

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