Get the inside scoop on what it’s like to work, earn, and grow at a McDonald’s restaurant from everyday employees.

World-Class Training

A job at a McDonald’s restaurant not only helps you earn money now, but to plan for the future. Learn how Ron, Adil, and Gabby use training and programs from their McDonald’s restaurants to advance their education and careers.

Ron W.

Ron started working at his local McDonald’s during his sophomore year of college. He receives tuition assistance through the Archways to Opportunity program, which allows him to focus on school rather than stress about how he could afford it.

“They know that my goal is to become a microbiologist. That’s why they have a program that gives me money up front for college.”

Adil A.

After Adil immigrated to the United States from Bangladesh, he taught himself how to speak English fluently with hours of practice and plenty of American movies. Today, he uses the flexible schedule from his job at a local McDonald’s to run his own small business, so he can plan for a successful future.

"They give me flexible hours, so I can advance at work and in my goals as an entrepreneur."

Gabby R.

Many people may stereotype young people as addicted to social media, but Gabby knows that her people skills can give her a head start in her career. Thanks to the training she’s received through her three years at her local McDonald’s, she’s able to put her leadership and teamwork into practice in her everyday life.

"They teach me how to lead and talk to people. So that my voice is heard."

Meet more restaurant employees

No one knows what it’s like to work at McDonald’s quite like the restaurant employees. See what a day in the lives of Xochitl, Max, Caytee, Breeana, Preston, and Desmond is like, and learn just how McDonald’s has helped each one of them with their professional goals.

Photo of Max R.

Max R.

For Max, employment at McDonald’s restaurants has been his stepping-stone towards the future. Being able to work flexible schedules and receive tuition assistance has allowed him to excel in his career while acquiring new skills.

"My McDonald's has taught me so much. It being my first job, I had no idea what it was like to be an employee. Now, here I am, five years later - I'm a manager. It's been a great experience."

Photo of Xochitl G.

Xochitl C.

Xochitl’s English wasn’t the only thing that improved from taking McDonald’s English Under the Arches courses – her future did too. She has risen through the ranks from crew member to store manager and has her sights set on becoming a supervisor.

"At McDonald’s the opportunity is there. It’s up to you to take it."

Photo of Caytee T.

Caytee T.

At 16, Caytee took two summer jobs at different McDonald’s restaurants and has since been working her way up the ladder. Now a Manager-in-Training, Caytee uses the world class training program to work towards her goal of becoming a restaurant manager.

"I chose McDonald’s for my first job because it was something you can start with and be able to make your way up. It just gave me more opportunity to show people the kind of person I am."

Photo of Breeana V.

Breeana V.

After a full day of studying veterinary medicine and completing internship work, Breeana is grateful for working at McDonald’s because of its flexible schedule. It’s what helps her balance all of her priorities without sacrificing a thing.

"Steven, my manager who does our schedules, he’s amazing. If there’s ever a day that I need off, he’s on top of it. That’s why I like it here."

Photo of Desmond and Preston B

Desmond & Preston B

Desmond and Preston were 15 when they first began working at their local McDonald’s. Today, they are general managers currently pursuing their master’s degrees with the help of flexible schedules and McDonald’s Tuition Assistance Program.

Desmond: "It started out as Mom making us go get a job for gas money and pay the cell phone bill, and it turned into something that is my career today. So, it’s definitely a good first step for anyone seeking a first job."

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