166 Saudi employees join the McDonald's family during job fairs


In the context of its continuous efforts and its continuous endeavor to localize jobs, McDonald's Saudi Arabia, owner of the McDonald's restaurants concession in the central, eastern and northern regions, works to enhance and strengthen its strategic partnerships with local, governmental, charitable and private employment agencies and everyone who shows a desire to cooperate with them in order to support its vision and the homeland’s vision in the field of job localization and grants Opportunities for more Saudi youth to join the McDonald's family.

Where McDonald's participated in the Eastern Region Employment Exhibition (Expo Gallery) which was under the supervision of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Eastern Region and in the presence of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Region, where we received many requests and 15 employment applications were selected and appointed In different centers in the eastern region restaurants, and in the same exhibition, the Dammam meetings were organized under the supervision of the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) where 18 other employees were also employed to work in the eastern region restaurants in addition to selecting 73 employees to work in McDonald's by participating in Employment Forum 6 for beneficiaries of Al Bir Society in the Eastern Region (TAQAT).

And in the Riyadh region, we participated in the Institute of Management exhibition, where we employed 14 employees to work in Riyadh restaurants, and besides that we participated in the employment exhibition for the Goet Society, where we employed 20 employees to work in various jobs in McDonald's, in addition to employing 16 applicants in an employment forum in cooperation with (Energies) to work in restaurants and Mac Café McDonald.

The total number of employees reached (166) who were only recruited through the various job fairs that McDonald's Saudi Arabia participated in in 2019.

It is worth noting that we employ 1,470 Saudi employees out of a total number of McDonald's employees 5250

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