Who Will be the Next McDonald’s KSA’s Happy Meal Box Designers?


[November 5, 2016] In pursuit to support art in the Saudi community, McDonald’s KSA launched its newest campaign, the Happy Meal Box, in the western and southern regions. The purpose of this campaign is to inspire the young artistic children and nurture their talents. Children between the ages of three to ten years old will have the opportunity to use McDonald’s white happy meal box as a tool to be creative and express those hidden artistic talents. Three young artists will be chosen as Happy Meal box designers where their artworks will be printed on the Happy Meal boxes in the first half of 2016 for a limited time.

McDonald’s started distributing white Happy Meal boxes in the western and southern regions of the Kingdom on November 5th 2016 and will continue to do so until the campaign ends on December 2nd. With the country’s 2030 Vision as an inspiration for this campaign, McDonald’s asked the children to draw and color on the white Happy Meal anything that represents the future of Saudi Arabia in their eyes.

To further support the cause, McDonald’s KSA turned some of its stores in the western and southern regions to art centers where children’s talents can be expressed and their skills enhanced. In the art centers, colouring material was provided as well the presence of instructors to help guide them. Moreover, the artists Ola Hejazi, Mazen Alshamrani, and Sarah Alwadaani joined the campaign to help inspire the young generation and present to them different kinds of art that they can look up to.

Commenting on the Happy Meal Box Campaign, from McDonald’s, Mohamed Alireza Deputy Manager at Reza Foods Services, said “We are very excited about this new campaign. It is the first time for such initiative to ever happen in McDonald’s history. We believe it is our responsibility towards the community to support causes such as art and nurture the talents of the young generations for a better future in alignment with the 2030 Vision”.

For more information on McDonald’s KSA  “Happy Meal Box Campaign”, please visit www.happymealartist.com

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