McDonald's Saudi Arabia Demonstrates Ongoing Commitment to Community Support through "Share the Goodness" Initiatives



McDonald's Saudi Arabia continued its support for needy families in the western, southern, and Tabuk regions for 8 years through its "Spread the Goodness" initiative, providing food baskets to these families.

McDonald's employees in those areas volunteered to prepare and distribute 3,000 food baskets, aiming to support needy families in 10 different cities in Saudi Arabia, including Medina, Al-Baha, Yanbu, Jeddah, Mecca, Taif, Tabuk, Jazan, Abha, and Khamis Mushait. These efforts were carried out in collaboration with the National Donation Platform and local charitable organizations.

According to Mohammad Ali Reza, Deputy General Manager of Reza Limited Food Services - McDonald's Saudi Arabia in the western, southern, and Tabuk regions, the company's employees always strive to do good and actively participate in the "Spread the Goodness" initiative.

These efforts highlight McDonald's commitment to supporting the community and promoting principles of solidarity and giving, which are integral to the company's values.

A brief overview of McDonald's Saudi Arabia in the western, southern, and Tabuk regions:

Reza Limited Food Services Company was founded in 1994, with its first branch located in Al-Hamra district in Jeddah. Today, McDonald's takes pride in serving its customers through more than 150 branches across Saudi Arabia, spanning the western, southern, and Tabuk regions.

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