McDonald's Saudi Arabia Demonstrates Ongoing Commitment to Community Support through "Share the Goodness" Initiatives



McDonald's Saudi Arabia in the Western and Southern regions, along with Tabuk, has been unwavering in its dedication to supporting the local community for over seven years through its impactful "Share the Goodness" initiatives.

In a remarkable display of volunteerism, employees of McDonald's Saudi Arabia in the Western and Southern regions and Tabuk came together to mark and distribute 600 Dry Goods Assortment Boxes, benefiting 600 diverse families across three cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Madinah, Al-Baha, and Yanbu. This collaborative effort was made possible through the partnership with the esteemed organization, the National Donations Platform, further underscoring McDonald's commitment to making a positive difference within the community.

McDonald's takes immense pride in its ability to spread goodness in numerous ways and strives to empower individuals by creating special moments of happiness. The company's core principles and values are deeply rooted in supporting those people in need.

Muhammad Ali Reza, Deputy General Manager of Reza Food Services Company Limited - McDonald's Saudi Arabia in the Western and Southern Region and Tabuk, expressed his admiration for the employees' consistent dedication to doing good and their eagerness to participate in the "Share the Goodness" initiative.

"The spirit of giving back is not new to our employees; they consistently strive to outdo themselves in their pursuit of doing good and actively seek opportunities to participate in the 'Share the Goodness' initiative," said Muhammad Ali Reza.

About McDonald's Saudi Arabia in the Western and Southern Region and Tabuk:

Established in 1994, Reza Food Services Company Limited has been proudly serving McDonald's workers throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With more than 15 branches located in the western and southern regions, as well as Tabuk, McDonald's Saudi Arabia is committed to providing high-quality service and making meaningful contributions to the well-being of the community.

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