McDonald’s Celebrates with More Than 1,500 Kids with Down Syndrome & with More Than 22 Centers & Charitable Organizations


Being part of the fabric of this dear country, McDonald's in the Central, Eastern and Northern regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrated the 92nd National Day alongside kids with Down syndrome in different cities. The celebrations for this lovely occasion included recreational activities for more than 1,500 kids with Down syndrome by organizing entertainment activities which include distributing gifts, balloons, free toys, free meals, and the participation of McDonald's characters which are loved by children. In addition to enjoying free meals, the children and their families expressed their joy in the celebration McDonald’s organized for this beautiful occasion.


The celebration was held in Riyadh and Al-Kharj region with more than 1,000 kids with Down syndrome which represent more than 15 centers & charitable organizations. In addition, another celebration was held with more than 500 children in the rest of the Eastern & Northern regions of the Kingdom and with more than 7 centers & charitable organizations.


McDonald's Saudi Arabia is a National company that pays great attention to serving the country and society, and through its community service platform "Ajyalona", McDonald's Saudi Arabia focuses its attention on supporting the category of people with Down Syndrome. The support of this valued category of society is distributed through several pillars, one of which is their entertainment through various events and activities that are held for them throughout the year. Another pillar is establishing and supporting training programs that contribute to helping them rely on themselves without the need to rely on others and these programs are held in cooperation with associations specialized in this field. A third pillar is the initiative to employ young people with Down syndrome, and we have today more than 40 employees with Down syndrome, and we aim to employ 50 additional young Saudi employees with Down syndrome by the end of 2022.

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