On its 28th birthday, McDonald's opens its 200th branch in Riyadh Boulevard


On its 28th birthday, McDonald's opens its 200th branch in Riyadh Boulevard

On the occasion of the 28th anniversary of its establishment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh International Catering Corporation the franchisor of McDonald's restaurants in the central, eastern and northern regions of the Kingdom, celebrated the opening of its 200th branch in Riyadh Boulevard.

In the presence of the president of the company, his deputy of human resources and information technology, and a number of company officials, the 200th McDonald's branch was opened in Riyadh Boulevard, this opening coincides with McDonald's celebration of its 28th anniversary of the opening of its first branch in the Kingdom, the Arabian Gulf and the entire Arab region, specifically on the 8th of December 1993 in Riyadh on Al-Takhasosi Street.

After 28 years, the number of McDonald branches has reached 200 branches across more than 35 cities in the central, eastern, and northern regions of the Kingdom and by God’s will, we will continue to open more branches, where we are proud of our presence and the extension of our services in all cities of the Kingdom. We are also proud of having more than 1,800 Saudi employees working in all our branches and in the main management of the company, representing 31% of the total number of 5,700 employees.

It is worth mentioning that Riyadh International Catering Corporation has provided many modern and advanced services and systems for 28 years, in order to provide everything that is good and of high quality to its valued customers. In 2001, the delivery service was introduced, through which millions of people have been served since its introduction. While in 2017, the McDonald's application for smart devices was launched, where value offers are available throughout the year, in addition to many other services that aim to ease and speed delivery requests, allow customers to evaluate the service in the branches, and facilitate communication with customer service. Furthermore, in 2015 the company provided self-service machines in restaurants to simplify the ordering process for their customers.

Since its establishment in 1993, the company has paid attention to community service and has supported many associations, charitable centers, and programs that serve a large segment of the Saudi society, with an estimation of more than 12 million Saudi riyals, in addition to providing millions of free meals, benefiting tens of thousands of children and people with special needs. Nonetheless, in an effort to encourage the practice of sports many sporting events for all age groups were sponsored and launched through the launch of the initiative (Let Your Food Balance Your Activity).

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