McDonald’s launched its 8th workshop for the Capacity building program as a part of its strategy to support Down syndrome cause


McDonald's launched its 8th workshop for the Capacity building program as a part of its strategy to support Down syndrome cause

For many years, as part of its unlimited and continuous support of Down Syndrome Kids, McDonald's in the Central, Eastern, and Northern regions launched its 8th campaign to support the McDonald's program to build the capabilities of Down Syndrome kids by holding training workshops for parents, specialists and those interested in Down Syndrome people. The campaign was launched by carrying out a preparatory workshop with managers and supervisors of the charitable associations and centers concerned with Down syndrome, where 110 different centers were invited in from all regions of the Kingdom, and the meeting aimed to introduce the program and raise awareness about these workshops by increasing the number of attendees from all target audience. More than 98 representatives of the teaching and special education staff attended, and 3 rehabilitation workshops were held that aimed to hold meetings with parents and specialists online to discuss important topics, including behavior management and discussion with parents and Down syndrome families, in addition to discussing the topic of managing the educational process in the private classroom with teachers and specialists of special education. The total number of attendees during these workshops reached more than 335 people. The ultimate goal of the program is to support Down Syndrome Kids to be active, productive, and independent members of society, and able to manage their own lives.

It is worth noting that the first workshop was launched in 2017, and the total number of attendees during the past 8 workshops reached more than 1,500 beneficiaries, including mothers, specialists, and those interested in Down syndrome, and the sum collected through these 8 campaigns amounted to more than 600,000 Saudi riyals.

This initiative falls under McDonald's "Ajyalona" our social responsibility platform. For more, please visit our website.

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