McDonald's Saudi Arabia Serves 100% halal and pure beef


McDonald's Saudi Arabia Serves 100% halal and pure beef

McDonald's Saudi Arabia is proud to be a model for quick-service restaurants that serve the finest types of 100% pure and halal beef.

McDonald's Saudi Arabia is constantly keen to adhere to the ideal and completely error-free principles in the field of beef by providing the finest products that meet the highest local and international quality standards. It uses the best types of 100% pure beef slices without adding any preservatives, artificial additives or antibiotics And all McDonald's meat comes from certified suppliers who are committed to applying strict standards that guarantee quality and food safety in the various stages of the meat production, transportation and preparation processes, McDonald's also works with a number of Islamic inspection bodies that directly supervise and monitor to ensure halal practices and that the slaughtering operations are carried out in accordance with Islamic law. All meat used in McDonald's is halal and subject to strict standards, inspections and control. It offers its lovers 100% pure and halal beef.

McDonald's Saudi Arabia is proud to offer many and varied products that impress and satisfy its valued customers of different tastes, and always looks forward to gaining consumer confidence through complete transparency in conveying all the correct information about its products

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