McDonald's charity campaign Ends benefiting 321 Down syndrome Kids, with an amount of 2,527,560 Riyals


McDonald's charity campaign Ends benefiting 321 Down syndrome Kids, with an amount of 2,527,560 Riyals


Riyadh / June 20, 2022, For the fifth year in a row, McDonald's Ramadan campaign to support training programs to empower Down syndrome Kids has achieved great success, as it was able to sell 252,756 stories through its 195 branches spread over more than 35 Cities in the central, eastern and northern regions of the Kingdom during the month of Ramadan for the year 2022.

The total amount collected in the campaign amounted to 2,527,560 Riyals, which was donated in full to support 6 training programs that benefit 321 Down syndrome Kids for three associations, which are as follows: McDonald’s program to raise the language and functional competence of Down syndrome Kids in cooperation with the DSCA Charity, and McDonald’s program to raise Language proficiency and independence skills in cooperation with ERADAH Charity in Jubail and McDonald's self-help and reading and writing programs in cooperation with SAUT Charity.

The support provided to DSCA amounted to 1,193,000 riyals, benefiting 144 Down syndrome Kids, with the aim of enabling children to use effective communication methods, express themselves and develop self-care skills.

SAUT Charity was supported with an amount of 814,674 riyals, benefiting 97 Down syndrome Kids, to enable them to be self-reliant and perform their daily tasks independently, and to develop reading and writing to enable them to easily communicate and integrate with others.

ERADAH Charity in Jubail was also supported with an amount of 519,886 riyals, benefiting 80 Down syndrome Kids, with the aim of developing language and verbal skills, training and qualifying them to reach the maximum possible degree of independence.

The Vice President of the RICC - (McDonald’s Saudi Arabia) His Highness Prince Majed bin Fahd Al Saud handed over the checks in a ceremony held at the company’s headquarters in Riyadh to Mrs. Sarah bint Abdullah Salem Bahamdan, a member of the Board of Directors of SAUT Charity and the General President of the DSCA Charity Ms. Suzan Al-Ghanim and Mr. Saleh Hamad Al-Shamry, Director of the Financial Resources Development Department for ERADAH Charity, also thanked McDonald's for their contributions to the campaign, which had a positive impact in changing the lives of more than 321 Down syndrome Kids for the better.

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