McDonald's has just launched its charity campaign to raise SAR 2,750,000 for 370 children with Down syndrome by selling four children’s storybooks


The McDonald’s annual charity campaign has just begun with a purpose to sell four meaningful storybooks for children at SAR 10 per book, where the proceeds of the sales will be donated to support children with Down syndrome. The campaign’s slogan is “Buy a story… Make someone smile”

The aim is to sell 275,000 storybooks for this campaign, with a purpose to collect SAR 2.75 million to support children with Down syndrome in partnership with 3 charitable associations as such:

-       “Raising Linguistic and Functional Competence Programs in association with DSCA charitable association” in Riyadh. The programs will receive a dedicated amount reaching SAR 1,193,000 to support 144 kids with Down syndrome. The programs’ purpose is to rehabilitate children’s linguistic and pronunciation skills by raising the efficiency of their linguistic communication. This is in addition to improving their daily life functions and their interaction with their surrounding environment.

-       “McDonald’s Programs for Self-help and Reading & Writing in association with SAWT charitable association” in Riyadh. The total amount dedicated to these programs is SAR 1,037,114 Million, supporting 146 children with Down syndrome. The programs' goal is to enable each student to perform daily life tasks to a certain degree of independence, without relying on others. The programs also aim to improve their interaction and engagement with others, as well as to advance their reading and writing skills, so that they can eventually have easy communication, engagement, and social skill advancement.

-       “McDonald’s Programs for Raising Language Competencies and Independence Skills in association with IRADAH charitable association” to support 80 kids with Down syndrome in the eastern region with an amount of SAR 519,886. The programs aim to improve the children’s linguistic and pronunciation skills in expressive language while also teaching them self-care skills.

It is worth noting that the campaign is part of McDonald's strategy to support people with Down syndrome, which falls under the umbrella of McDonald's social responsibility platform, "Ajyalona."

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