McDonald’s Program “Open Door for Schools” Welcomes More Than 2,000 Students in 1 Month

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Our belief in McDonald’s is that providing high quality products is a great responsibility we have towards our customers. In order to enhance the confidence of our customers from different age groups and units in society, and in an effort to offer them absolute transparency when clarifying and even when providing any information or fact about any of our products, meals and methods of preparation; McDonald’s, with the start of the new school year, organized restaurant visits for more than 2,000 students to learn about the quality, safety standards, and the methods used in preparing their favorite meals through tours inside the restaurant within the McDonald's "Open Door for Schools" program.

The McDonald's "Open Door for Schools" program was launched in 2014, and it is a tour inside McDonald's kitchens that allows students to familiarize themselves with the quality, safety standards, and the methods used in preparing different McDonald's meals. The tour ends with a certificate of competition from McDonald’s that thanks the student for visiting our restaurant. The entertainment department in the restaurant also provides entertaining activities for kids like face painting, balloons and children's games, in addition to free meals at the end of the tour.


The McDonald's "Open Door for Schools" program is an integral part of McDonald's responsibility to spread and promote the culture of food awareness to all members of society while clarifying all information and nutritional facts about everything related to its meals and components in terms of quality, safety measures, and methods used in preparing them along with their nutritional value. The visit of our beloved children to McDonald's kitchens is an important step allowing them to get a closer look at the preparation process of the meals that they have always enjoyed so much, and these visits will give the kids complete clarity while enhancing the culture of their food awareness and answering their questions about McDonald's restaurants.

This program falls within McDonald's strategy for transparency in clarifying nutritional information, which falls under the social responsibility of serving the community. For more, visit our website at

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