6 McDonald’s Down Syndrome employees were promoted because of their determination and diligence


6 McDonald’s Down Syndrome employees were promoted because of their determination and diligence


Riyadh International Catering Corporation celebrated the promotion of 6 Down Syndrome employees in McDonald’s branches located in the central, eastern and northern regions of the Kingdom.

This initiative of employing Down Syndrome employees in McDonald's restaurants was launched more than 15 years ago, and today we have more than 35 employees who work hard and diligently in all of our branches as well as in the company's headquarters. With their determination and diligence, 6 of our Down Syndrome employees who have completed 3 years with us were promoted to higher positions in the branches they work in.

McDonald’s aims to hire 15 new employees in several regions, bringing the total number to 50 Down Syndrome employees working in its branches. McDonald's has signed several agreements with the Ministry of Education in Riyadh and Qassim, the Special Education Department, to employ Down Syndrome students. A special approach has been developed to deal with and handle them through establishing a special committee covering 5 departments of the company to follow up the workflow and development of the Down syndrome employees in their workplaces and to make semi-periodic reports that are reviewed by the committee to evaluate and develop its Down Syndrome employees as well as follow up on their special requests and keep track of their progress.

McDonald's has launched several initiatives to care for Down Syndrome, which you can view through our website www.Ayalonla.com

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