McDonald's is Proud to Employ 36 Down Syndrome Heroes in Riyadh, Eastern and Qassim Regions


McDonald's is Proud to Employ 36 Down Syndrome Heroes in Riyadh, Eastern and Qassim Regions

As part of McDonald's strategy to employ people with Down Syndrome, Our efforts began 15 years ago when we first employed two people with Down Syndrome and have grown to the position where we have now 36 employees in different branches across the Central, Eastern, and Qassim regions.

McDonald's recently hired 11 employees with Down syndrome, 5 of them in the Qassim region for the first time since we started this initiative more than 15 years ago, and the rest were employed in the Riyadh region. It is worth mentioning that the employment of people with Down syndrome in McDonald's branches in the Qassim region comes as a result of the fruitful agreement signed by McDonald's with the Ministry of Education in the Qassim region, the Special Education Department, to hire Down Syndrome people in our branches.

Thus, the total number of employees with Down Syndrome in all our branches has reached 36 employees, who work hard and we are proud of them as they are an important and essential part of the company’s strategy. These employees are managed by 4 departments all that align their efforts to make sure our Down Syndrome employees are interacting positively with their community and benefiting themselves and their families.

On the other hand, and in order to ensure their safety and to perform their tasks securely, we have been keen that these employees receive the two doses of the Covid vaccines, as soon as they were available. We have also ensured their safety at the beginning of the pandemic by having them stay home with their families and getting paid their full salaries throughout the whole period, and they started returning to work in the branches gradually starting September 2021, after they have received both doses of the vaccine.

McDonald's offers many programs that serve the people with Down syndrome, whether by employing them, training them, supporting them and entertaining them, in addition to many other programs, which you can view by visiting our website.

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