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Ramadan is a spiritual month where everyone likes to spread goodness by actively contributing to take responsibility and help out the society. Therefore, McDonald’s decided to seize this opportunity and start an initiative that revolves around giving back to the society by simply drawing a smile on the faces of those who really need it.

McDonald’s team united together and visited rural areas to distribute boxes that contained different food items which people usually need mostly during the Holy month of Ramadan, the distribution happened throughout the first week of the Holy Month.

McDonald’s trucks were loaded with a huge number of boxes awaiting for the right moment to be given out by McDonald’s team. Certain key members of McDonald’s team were assigned to organize and manage the crowd into lines so that everyone gets an equal chance of getting the boxes in order.

The moment that the team members who were responsible of handing out these boxes to the crowd gave the green light, the action started! An endless motion of boxes moving out from the trucks to the crowd was in place, the boxes distribution pace was on point and it lasted for over two hours.

This resulted into a successful distribution that defined the meaning behind a cohesive teamwork where each and every person supported in different ways just to embrace the concept of giving and to create feel good moments easy for everyone.

Mohamed Alireza, Deputy General Manager of Reza Food Services—McDonald’s West & South said “It is always a heartwarming feeling to extend a helping hand to those who really need it, we strongly believe in giving back to the community in every possible way. Our team did their extreme best to distribute as much of these boxes as they can, they just worked better together despite the huge number of people who showed up. Nevertheless, they successfully managed to organize the crowd. The genuine smiles on people’s faces who received the boxes touched my heart and filled it with joy”

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