Our Chicken is Made from 100% Pure Chicken Breast and is Preservatives Free


We at RICC - Riyadh International Catering Corporation, owners of the McDonald’s franchise in the Central, Eastern, and Northern regions of Saudi Arabia, are proud to be providing customers with high quality products that are Sharia compliant and meet the customers’ needs in Saudi Arabia, which is clearly evident in our choice of chicken products that are in line with the international quality standards. The chicken products in McDonald’s are prepared from the best halal 100% pure chicken breast that are preservatives free, and can be traced back to the original supplier where the products are made from chicken that has been manually deboned and skinned to guarantee the best quality possible in the production process, they also conduct multiple tests throughout the whole process to eliminate any possibility of contamination.

Our halal chicken is sourced from 100% halal suppliers who follow strict international halal food standards, to ensure food quality and safety. All of our beef and poultry products are delivered frozen to our restaurants, as freezing is not only the safest and most effective way to preserve food, but it also guarantees preserving the food’s high quality.

At McDonald’s, we always strive to use the best quality ingredients, such as our 100% vegetable oil which is a mixture of canola and sunflower oils to cook our food, and provide our customers with delicious meals for them to enjoy in peace of mind.

At McDonald’s we are proud to serve our valued customers over by providing them with top quality products that they like, and gaining their trust by being transparent and conveying the correct information about our products, while meeting their needs and tastes.

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