McDonald’s Saudi Arabia Celebrates World Food Safety Day


As McDonald’s is known for always following strict food safety procedures with all their food and products, they made sure to celebrate World Food Safety Day on June 7th to further highlight the importance of this topic.

Serving safe and delicious food to customers is a top priority for McDonald’s KSA, which is why they provide full food safety procedures at all stages of the supply chain, from choosing the right food sources to updating the menu, to packaging to distribution, to the logistics, to the daily operation of the branches.

When it comes to food safety, McDonald’s ensures the following:

-        Enhancing the food safety culture among all McDonald’s branches and its employees, by educating and training them on the best food safety practices.

-        When it comes to the supply chain, McDonald’s follows the highest safety standards and requires its suppliers to adhere to them.

-        At the branches, employees and managers are trained to follow food safety standards, while also running daily food safety tests at all their branches.

On this occasion, Mr. Osmat Al-Awar, the Executive Director of Marketing and Corporate Communication at McDonald’s KSA gave a speech where he said: “World Food Safety Day aims to increase awareness on the importance of safe food practices, and we at McDonald’s believe that our customers are always expecting the best from us which is why we are committed to always provide them and their families with the highest quality of food, no matter where they were. This trust that our customers have in us is the reason why food safety is at the top of McDonald’s priorities and a vital part of our mission.” Mr. Osmat also added: “Every decision we make is based on our vision of providing the highest food safety procedures and our customers’ ever-present trust in our food. We apply the best food safety practices among all of our operations, starting from the suppliers we choose, to how we store and distribute our food, down to how we monitor digital safety checklists to make sure that all our products can be tracked.”

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