McDonald's launches the campaign "Rest Assured, our Products are all Halal"


“Rest Assured, our Products are all Halal” is the title of McDonald’s latest campaign that serves to educate its customers about the high quality of its products, which meet both local and international standards. Through the campaign, McDonald’s is also keen to reassure them that its beef and chicken meat are 100% pure Halal products.


McDonald's Saudi Arabia works with reputable suppliers and consistently requires that they adhere to strict quality and food safety standards, as well as comply to social responsibility policies regarding animal care, feeding, and raising.


Our entire meat is sourced from healthy cows, and we are always certain that our suppliers adhere to strict international food safety standards that also comply with Islamic Sharia standards. All of our Halal certificates are available at the following link:


The campaign is here to emphasize the continuity of McDonald’s solid relationship with its clients, and follows the communication of previous campaigns which highlight the high quality of its foods. Additionally, it includes nutritional information and Halal certificates that would strengthen the bond between McDonald’s and its loyal customers.  

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