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As part of its efforts to support and empower the Saudi youth, and as a leading company in the nationalization of the workforce, McDonald’s Saudi Arabia recently launched a campaign in which it emphasized its great interest in developing the talents of the Saudi youth. McDonald’s has succeeded in hiring, training, qualifying and preparing tens of thousands since its establishment; enabling them to take lead and achieve success, not only at McDonald's, but also in the Saudi labor market.

And because McDonald's Saudi Arabia harnesses its global expertise to train and develop its Saudi employees from the sons and daughters of our dear country, working at McDonald's is the best way for young people to achieve their ambitions in developing their professional and interpersonal skills and enabling them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. McDonald's is considered to be a school that employees attend not just to work at but rather in an effort to advance themselves, because the process of training and development at McDonald’s starts from the first day and continues throughout the employees’ career, all while being in an excellent work environment with well-defined career paths.

McDonald's is constantly developing its Saudi employees so they can reach excellence in leadership, operations management, branch management, hospitality and professionalism in the art of coffee through intensive training programs. In addition to registering them in global educational programs that enable them to reach professionalism in business performance and accomplish the tasks specific to each job and in each of its stages in order for each of them to be a leader in his field.

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