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What Is the WcDonald's Isekai?

Isekai is a popular anime genre that explores a story’s main character who suddenly finds themselves transported to a parallel “otherworld”. A fixture across various anime and manga titles and genres, WcDonald’s has been an indelible part of anime culture for decades. From it, comes the new Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce! Dip into another universe and immerse yourself in WcDonald's, artistically realized to serve as homage to fans of anime and the Golden Arches alike. 

The New Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce 

Enjoy the new WcDonald’s Sauce – so savory and bold. It’s an adventure in a sauce cup. Order the 9pc. McNuggets Large Meal & try the WcDonald’s Sauce. Then, enjoy four exclusive anime episodic shorts and manga chapters, spanning multiple genres throughout WcDonald’s. 

Exclusive Weekly Anime & Manga

Now thru 8/7, enjoy weekly, unique anime episodic short and manga chapters exclusive that explore various genres, including action-packed martial arts, relatable romance, monolithic mecha clashed and a fantastical finale. There’s an episodic short and chapter for everybody! Stay tuned for the next story illustrated by Acky Bright and animated by Studio Pierrot. 

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