Food Trust

food trust
At McDonalds, we are constantly improving the quality of our food in order to serve you better.

80% less saturated fat with our new cooking oil.

It’s true. We are using a new cooking oil. It’s a blend made from sunflower and canola, which reduces saturated fat content by 80%, while of course maintaining the same great taste that you love. We consider it our responsibility to do better, and the sunflower and canola oil adds better nutritional value to your McDonald’s favorites.

Mayo with 50% less calories.

We’ve reduced the calories in our mayonnaise with 50%. Isn’t that amazing? So now, you can enjoy the same great taste, but with a lighter mayo. We are constantly enhancing our menu, so that you can feel good about the food you eat. And with our new mayonnaise, you have more reasons to double dip.

Only 100% halal chicken meat.

What makes our chicken the best is that we only use the best parts, the chicken breast. Following halal practices, the meat is always manually deboned by our approved suppliers. After being minced and slaughtered in our delicious tempura batter, the meat is cooked in the restaurant and served to you

Beef and nothing else.

The beef in our burgers is always 100% pure and halal. The only thing we add is a dash of salt and pepper. So no additives, preservatives or anything else. Just beef as it should be.

Always farm fresh.

The vegetables in our burgers and salads are as fresh as they come. All the produce is rinsed and cleaned by our approved suppliers before being sent to the restaurants and served on your tray.
Fishes in water

Fishing sustainably. 

We know that you care for the environment, and so do we. So you’ll be happy to know that all fish used in our Filet-O-Fish comes from fisheries that only use sustainable fishing

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