Nintendo Switch

Terms and Conditions

  1. A User Can Burn 1 Points from their Loyalty Points Balance to enter the NINTENDO  Giveaway
  2.  A User can burn as many points as they would like to increase the chances of winning.
  3. Many entrees can be made to qualify to win a NINTENDO SWITCH and it will increase the chances of winning
  4. Two NINTENDO SWITCH consoles will be given away After the campaign.
  5. Winners will be contacted via email and announced on Social Media Platforms
  6. Winners cannot exchange the NINTENDO SWITCH  for Cash.
  7. No Purchases are necessary to enter the Giveaway
  8. The winners of the two consoles will be announced on the 31st Of December.
  9. If the Winners cannot be contacted, the Prize be assigned to another person who took part in the campaign by burning points. 

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