McCafe Products


Hot drinks

Seven types of hot coffee drinks brought to you by skilled and professional baristas, prepared from premium Arabica Coffee beans, fresh milk and sprinkles of rich chocolate powder.

Cold drinks

The range of our delicious cold drinks from iced coffees to refreshing smoothies. Our coffee is freshly prepared by qualified baristas. In addition, our smoothies contain fresh fruits, milk, creams served fresh and iced for your satisfaction.


An appetizing assortment of donuts with different flavors that will amaze you!

Including flavors such as Lemon, Chocolate and coconut donuts and the classic glazed donut.


Irresistible croissants between your hands! crispy and crunchy with flavors of chocolate, thyme and cheese straight from the oven. 


A selection of wonderful sweets you can’t miss!

Prepared with its original recipe and luxurious ingredients, including types of cookies, cakes.


Our coffee is characterized by its precise and balanced level of roasting, which preserves the rich flavor of coffee.

Medium-dark roasting ensures a smooth, rich and balanced taste with floral and fruity flavors, and a hint of lavish chocolate.


McCafé baristas are professional, qualified and fully trained to prepare coffee manually. McCafé provides a training course to its baristas to enhance their skills in the coffee industry. Therefore, we help them build a career path and acquire the distinctive tools with techniques that make them the greatest coffee makers. Results with coffee that is served so deliciously, giving them the ability to excel in their field.


 McCafé is distinguished by the imminent and competitive prices for a delicious cup of coffee! In addition to a variety of special drinks and appetizing baked goods involving a wide selection of sweets, cookies, and croissants.

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