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Our People

Even presidents and CEOs of major corporations had to get their start somewhere. And for many of them, that start was a job at McDonald's. We're proud of the many people who chose to stay with us over their careers, building long-term success for themselves and their families.

Ofelia Melendrez, QSC Vice President, Greater Southwest Region

Ever since Ofelia was a little girl, her dream was to see the world. When McDonald’s moved her to their Latin America Group, she had the opportunity to travel all over South America, and loved being able to combine two of her passions: travel and teaching. She began working for McDonald’s in 1992 as a manager trainee and says that, “As the child of immigrant parents who saw McDonald’s as just the restaurant down the road, it became clear to my mom and dad that my potential within the McDonald’s organization had no limits.” Today, Ofelia is a Quality, Service & Cleanliness Vice President, and is responsible for over 700 restaurants, whose annual sales top $1.4 billion.

Chef Dan Coudreaut, Executive Chef and Vice President, Culinary Innovation


With a background in fine dining, Dan Coudreaut has been McDonald’s Executive Chef for more than three years. Chef Dan, as he’s more popularly known, creates up to 1,800 new recipes with his team every year. The most wholesome, tasty and easy to prepare items make the cut and get added to McDonald’s menus across the world. It’s “meeting the challenge to create great quality new taste sensations that the whole of America can enjoy” that is his biggest reward. Read an interview with Chef Dan.

Mary Louise Moss, Drive-thru Cashier

How can you tell Mary Moss enjoys her McDonald’s job? She’s got a fan club to prove it. For more than four years, she’s been serving customers in Chandler, Arizona, and building quite the following in the process. Just log on to Facebook to find the group, “I love Mary @ McDonald/Chandler” and read praise from her more than 1,000 followers. Since becoming a crew member, Mary feels she’s now got the skill set to relate to a diverse group and impact their lives.

Ana Morelos, Restaurant Manager


Ana Morelos first joined the McDonald’s team for a little extra pocket money. That was 11 years ago. Even she couldn’t have predicted this job with the flexible hours and convenient location would become her career. With McDonald’s management training—and her own hard work—Ana became a Restaurant Manager and has been asked to open a new next-generation restaurant. “It’s a big job and I’m ready,” she said. “I’m also proud that my family enjoys a wonderful lifestyle—all because of a job I love.”

Thitthita Throngpropai, Cashier

Even though Thitthita Throngpropai has only lived in the United States for three years, she’s proud to have spent two of them working as a cashier at McDonald’s. Originally from Thailand and currently a college student, Thitthita is gaining solid work skills and a grasp of the English language that she uses daily with her customers and co-workers. Ask her how far she plans to go and she’s prepared to tell you with a smile—in English and Thai.


James Collins, Senior Vice President, Central Division Restaurant Support Officer

Starting at McDonald’s in high school as a crew member assigned to "dress" hamburgers with lettuce, pickles and cheese, James Collins always kept something his grandmother told him in mind: "Do your best, even when nobody’s looking." Someone was looking. And his grandmother’s philosophy helped James rise through the McDonald’s ranks, from manager at the restaurant, to leading multiple restaurants and then directing operations for all restaurants in a market. Today, James is chief executive of the largest region in McDonald’s USA, leading a region with 850 restaurants whose annual sales top $2 billion. "What I think is so exciting about the ride I’ve had throughout the years is that there’s no room to get bored or stale," he says. "There have always been new challenges, different doors to open and fresh opportunities to find."


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