Working Here

We believe the words “Welcome to McDonald’s” should apply to our employees just as much as our customers. We’re proud of our food, and we’re just as proud of the jobs we create.

Restaurant Opportunities

Corporate Opportunities

Maybe it’s a way to buy that first car. It could be a way to support yourself in college. Or it might be the way you enter the corporate world. Whatever you’re looking for, McDonald’s can help you make your own way, with challenging careers, quality benefits and the best opportunities around.


Flexible Schedules

We believe in flexible schedules that fit into the way you live your life and can help you reach your goals. We’ll also give you the mentorship and guidance you need to succeed.

Celebrating Diversity

We believe that different people, from different backgrounds, with different interests, combine to make our ideal work force. McDonald’s is committed to diversity in hiring—actually, we’re an industry leader—from our restaurants to our supplier networks to our owners.

Grow With Us

McDonald’s gives you the tools you need to succeed, whether it’s the chance to own your own restaurant or tackle the corporate ladder. To be the best company we can, we have to offer the best opportunities, and we’d like to believe that some of the best ones around are right here.

In our General Manager Business Leadership Capstone, participants learn to:

  • Think and perform in ways to improve their restaurant performance
  • Apply leadership behaviors to improve their and their team’s performance
  • Assess how decisions impact the Restaurant, the Organization, the Region, and the Brand
  • Leverage best practices from collaboration with course peers and apply them on the job
  • Evaluate how decisions impact people, QSC&V, sales, and profit
  • Plan for short-term and long-term goals of a restaurant
  • Project and plan for the restaurant’s staffing needs 
  • Discover how manager and crew schedules impact morale, QSC&V, sales and profit
  • Discover how succession planning improves business results
  • Manage labor costs versus cutting labor and its impact to the business
  • Establish and build relationships with community leaders to successfully implement planned events

McDonald’s Business Leadership Practices training provides restaurant managers with:

  • An awareness of how adopting and fostering accountability can impact business results
  • An understanding of how creative thinking techniques can be applied to operational challenges within the restaurant
  • An understanding of how they can better develop restaurant talent to improve business results
  • An understanding of the social responsibility culture at McDonald's and with motivation and ideas for incorporating social responsibility activities into their businesses
  • Build fundamental business planning skills, and practice promoting a positive image of McDonald's in an effort to build community relationships

*2012 Survey