Facts about Emirates Fast Food Company LLC McDonald’s UAE

Do the royalty fees paid by McDonald’s UAE to the Corporation support any government or political activities?

No, the royalty fees paid by franchises of McDonald’s Corporation have not, and will not be used to support any government or political activities.


Is McDonald’s UAE locally owned?

Yes, McDonald’s UAE is a local enterprise fully owned and operated by Emirates Fast Food Company LLC since 1994.


What is McDonald’s UAE’s position regarding the events taking place in Palestine?

We are deeply saddened by the ongoing human suffering in Gaza, and we stand against harm to the lives of innocent people. Recently, we donated AED 1 million to the Emirates Red Crescent, contributing towards the ‘Tarahum for Gaza’ initiative.


Has McDonald’s UAE contributed to any meal donations in Israel?

No, we did not contribute to any meal donations in Israel.


Did McDonald’s Corporation release any official statement?

Yes, McDonald’s Corporation released the following statement: "We are dismayed by the disinformation and inaccurate reports regarding our position in response to the conflict in the Middle East. McDonald’s Corporation is not funding or supporting any governments involved in this conflict, and any actions from our local Developmental Licensee business partners were made independently without McDonald’s consent or approval. Our hearts are with all of the communities and families impacted by this crisis. We abhor violence of any kind and firmly stand against hate speech, and we will always proudly open our doors to everyone. We are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our people in the region while supporting the communities where we operate."

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