The BTS Meal

The BTS Meal Just Dropped*

BTS is taking over McDonald’s with a brand new collab. It’s more than a 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets®, new limited-time sauces picked by BTS, Fries and a Coke®.

10 Piece Chicken McNuggets

10 Piece Chicken McNuggets®

If each member of BTS gets one, who do you think is getting the leftover McNuggets? Trick question, they obviously share those last three.

Cajun and Sweet Chili Sauces

Cajun and Sweet Chili Sauces

The BTS Meal has you (and your McNuggets) covered with new limited-time sauces picked by BTS and inspired by McDonald’s South Korea. Add a little kick to your meal, whether you want sweet and sour with just a touch of heat from the Sweet Chili Sauce or hot mustard with chili and peppers in the Cajun Sauce.

Cajun and Sweet Chili Sauces

Medium Fries and a Coke®

BTS isn’t BTS without the teamwork of 7 members in perfect harmony. Kind of like how The BTS Meal just isn’t complete without crispy Fries and a refreshing, ice-cold Coca-Cola®.

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