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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use the ‘Order Ahead Service’?
Simple! Download the McDonald’s App and register. Find the nearest restaurant on the App. Browse through the menu and select the meal of your choice. Select how you want to receive your order: Collect it at the Front Counter, pick it up at the Drive Thru or have it delivered to your table through ‘Table Service’.
Please note: If you want to collect your meal at the Front Counter, ensure that you are near the restaurant before you click on ‘Pay Now and Start My Order’. For Table Service please ensure you are seated at one of the tables and have entered the correct table number. Once you complete the payment for the order, we will immediately start preparing your order and the food will be ready within 3-5 minutes.
If you have selected to pick up your meal at our Drive Thru, we will start preparing your order when you arrive at the Drive Thru and give us your order number. You must pick up your order at the Drive Thru within two hours of your payment.

2. How can I create a new account on the McDonald’s App?
To create an account, please click on ‘My Account’ and proceed from there.

3. I forgot my McDonald’s App account password, how can I reset it?
Just click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link on the Sign In page and follow the instructions. An email containing further instructions will then be sent to your registered email. Please check your 'Spam' or 'Junk’ folder to make sure that our email has not been filtered out.

4. How do I know if the ‘Order Ahead Service’ is available in my area?
When selecting the restaurant on the McDonald’s App, you can filter the restaurants that have the ‘Order Ahead Service’ available. Restaurants that do not offer the ‘Order Ahead Service’ service will be greyed out on the map. If you allow the App to use your current location, it will automatically select the nearest restaurant that offers the ‘Order Ahead Service’. It’s that easy and convenient!

5. Why is the App showing me a pop up ‘It looks like you’re a little far away’?
If you have selected to collect your order at the Front Counter or have it served to you at the table through ‘Table Service’, we will start preparing the order as soon as you complete the payment. Therefore, it is advised that you only place the order when you are near the restaurant or are seated at the table inside the restaurant. The items in your bag are saved for 24 hours, allowing you to select your meal at your convenience and proceed with payment only when you are near the restaurant.
If you have allowed the McDonald’s App to use your current location, it will suggest the restaurant that is closest to you. If you are still too far away, it will show you a pop up just as a reminder. This way you can also make sure that you have chosen the nearest restaurant.

6. What if I pay for my order but cannot pick it up immediately?
If you have selected to collect your meal at the counter or have it delivered to your table through ‘Table Service’, we will start preparing your meal as soon as you complete the payment. You must therefore be near the restaurant when you confirm the order.

7. How does Table Service work?
If you want to be served at the table, you must first be seated at a free table in your selected restaurant, then proceed to place the order by selecting the pick-up option as ‘Table Service’. You would then need to enter the table number (mentioned on the table) that you are seated at and confirm the order. Our crew will bring your food to you once it’s ready.

8. How do I know when my order is ready?
If you have chosen to collect your order at the Front Counter, your order number that you can see on the App will be displayed on the screen above the counter when your food is ready.
If you have chosen to receive your order at your table through ‘Table Service’, our crew will bring the food to the table number you have entered on the App.
If you have chosen to pick up your food at the Drive Thru, you would have to reach the Drive Thru and give your order number to the service staff and we will start preparing your order immediately.

9. Can I use the offers or claim Rewards Points with the ‘Order Ahead Service’?
Absolutely! To claim any offer, click on the ‘Rewards’ tab, select the offer you would like to redeem and select ‘Add offer to bag’. You can use a maximum of 2 Offers or Rewards per order.
You can also collect Rewards Points with every order placed through the ‘Order Ahead Service’. If you have selected to pick up your order at the Drive Thru, you will receive the Rewards Points once you collect your order.

10. When will I be charged for the order? Do I get a receipt after confirming the payment?
You will be charged as soon as you click on ‘Pay now and start my order’. You will receive a payment notification on your email registered on the McDonald’s App. If you haven’t received an email please check your spam folder. Your final receipt will be given to you when you collect the order at the restaurant.

11. Can I modify my order?
Once you have paid for the order, you cannot modify it. If you would like to order more, you can start a new order.

12. Can I change my pick up option once the order is placed?
You cannot change your pick up option once the order is placed.

13. What are the payment options available?
The ‘Order Ahead Service’ is only applicable using your credit/debit card.

14. Can I save my card for future use?
Yes you can save your card for future use. If you want to add or remove a card you can do so by going to ‘My Account’ and clicking on ‘Manage Credit Cards’.

15. What if I have a problem with a payment or face any errors while placing my order?
For any inquiries, technical issues, suggestions and feedback, you can contact us on 600 588885 or email us at crm@mcdonalds-uae.com

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