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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the McDonald’s Rewards Program?

A: McDonald's Rewards is a new loyalty program that allows you to collect points on your purchases and redeem them for food, beverages and other surprises from McDonald’s.


Q: How do I enroll in the McDonald’s Rewards?

A: If you have the McDonald’s App, you will get auto-enrolled in the McDonald’s Rewards program, and you can start collecting points and redeeming rewards right away.
If you do not have the McDonald’s App, you need to download the App first, sign up and then start collecting points.


Q: Will I receive a membership card?

A: McDonald’s Rewards is a digital platform. You can download the McDonald’s App to start collecting and redeeming points.


Q: How can I download the app?

A: You can download the McDonald's app from the App Store or Google Play then click on the Rewards tab to start your journey.

Q: What’s the value of each point?

A: 1 AED is equivalent to 10 McDonald’s points.

Q: How do I collect points with the McDonald’s Rewards program?

A: You can collect points by scanning your QR code on the App with every purchase. This means that you will collect points based on your total spend on every purchase.
By collecting points and redeeming them, you will get to enjoy more of what you love at McDonald’s, be it food, beverages or other surprises that will be announced from time to time.


Q: How can I redeem McDonald’s Rewards?

A: Based on the points you have collected, you will be able to redeem eligible rewards by just scanning the Rewards' QR code at either the Front Counter, Kiosk, or Drive-Thru scanners


Q: Is there a limit to the number of points that I can earn?

A: Yes, there is a limit to the number points you can collect, and the number is 9,999. You would need to redeem points in order to start collecting again.


Q: How long are my McDonald’s points valid for?

A: Your points will expire by the end of the month after 12 months from the date you collect them.


Q: Will I reach a higher tier if I collect more points?

A: McDonald’s Rewards program does not offer tiers. The more you scan, the more points you collect and the more you get to redeem what you love at McDonald’s.


Q: Can I transfer my points?

A: No. Reward points are non-transferable and can be used only by the user


Q: What kind of rewards can I redeem?

A; With McDonald’s Rewards, you can redeem the food you love, from single items like a sandwich, ice cream, etc. to complete meals.


Q: Can I choose which item to get for free with my points?

A: You can choose the Reward you want from the selection that is available on the McDonald’s App.


Q: Can I claim my points later after I purchase?

A: No, you can only collect the points for the purchase if you can scan your McDonald’s Rewards QR code at the time of purchase.


Q: How do I know the number of points required to redeem a reward?

A: The points required will be mentioned on each Reward.

Q: Will I be able to redeem/collect points in all of the restaurants?

A: You can redeem/collect points at any restaurant, excluding Airport restaurants or if otherwise stated in the T&Cs.


Q: Will I be able to scan and collect points on home delivery orders?

A: No, the program currently allows you to redeem/collect points only at the restaurant and the Drive-Thru.


Q: I am facing trouble in creating the account.

A: When downloading the McDonald's app, you will be taken through an easy account registration process and in case you didn't sign up the first time, you can create a new account in the 'profile" section that's available in the app's menu. If you continue facing the same issue, please contact us on


Q: I'm facing trouble in logging into my account

A: Kindly ensure you are connected to the internet, your McDonald's app is updated, login details are verified and if you continue facing the same issue, please contact us


Q: What happens if I scan and I do not collect points?

A: The McDonald’s Rewards program has been designed to automatically update points on scanning. However, if you’re facing any problem, please contact us on 600 588885 or email us at


Q: What happens if my points disappeared?

A: Please ensure your app is updated at all times. If you still face any technical issues while using the McDonald’s App, please contact us on 600 588885 or email us at


Q: What should I do if an error occurs on the app?

A: In case you face any technical problem, please contact us on 600 588885 or email us at