You purchase the equipment and rights to operate a restaurant from a location for a set term. The challenge is to maximise the sales and profitability of the restaurant over 20 years

We only franchise one restaurant at a time to new Franchisees. It is our intention to put restaurants in the best and most capable hands. If you achieve consistently high standards we'll be interested in selling you the rights to run additional restaurants

No. Property selection and Franchisee selection are two separate decisions. As we franchise existing trading restaurants to new Franchisees, the sourcing of a site is not necessary. Our Franchisee selection process is based on an individual's career or business track record. We only franchise existing restaurants with at least two years' trading history to new Franchisees

Buying into McDonald's is a significant financial investment and you are required to fully participate in the day-to-day running of the business

If your personal circumstances change you may sell the remainder of your Franchise term to a McDonald's approved buyer (someone who has been approved through the McDonald's Franchisee selection process)

We can only supply information for Franchising within the UK & Ireland. Please visit to select the country you are interested in for more information.

No. A McDonald's Franchise is offered to one person only. A Franchisee can choose whether to operate as a sole trader or limited company (up to 25% of the shares in that company can be issued to their spouse or civil partner).