Jason Clark is the Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer at McDonald’s IE & Ireland. Here, Jason explains more about the McDonald’s Franchising model – and what’s in it for our Franchisees.
What you’ll need

As a Franchisee you’ll need to make a significant up-front financial investment, which means having at least £100,000 in unencumbered funds. You’ll also need to demonstrate you can lead from the front and work within our framework to give yourself the greatest chance of success.

What you’ll get

We’re one of the world’s most iconic brands, and we offer world-class support and training to our Franchisees. Before you start, you’ll go through a comprehensive restaurant training programme for a minimum of 26 weeks, which includes a business immersion and handover process. We also make sure you have a supply chain to be proud of (with strict welfare and traceability standards), and you’ll have the benefit of marketing and branding that’s among the most recognised on the planet.


Could I be a Franchisee?

Passion. Personality. A love of people. McDonald’s Franchisees come from a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds, but there are a few qualities they all share. Get to know some of our Franchisees from across the country now.

Angus Fraser

Previously a Supply and Wholesale Manager

Franchisee since 2016

I worked for BP for 20 years, directly managing a number of teams in my career. The commercial, leadership, strategic and people skills I built were perfect and set me up to be a Franchisee.

Jane Blackwell

Previously a successful business owner

Franchisee since 2013

From Police Constable to Postmaster to Business Owner for six years - I did a lot of things before this. Now, I get the satisfaction of working with and mentoring great people every day. They care because I care and that speaks volumes in my restaurant.

Gian Chahal

Previously a Police Inspector

Franchisee since 2015

The support and training on offer helped me go from Police Inspector to Franchisee and now I serve the community in a different but no less rewarding way. With the help and support of a global brand, I can really make an impact locally. That’s the best thing about being a Franchisee.

Sarah Lloyd

Previously owned another Franchise

Franchisee since 2017

I’d run my own Franchise before, but it was the support at McDonald’s that made all the difference to me. I’ve got access to a Franchise Consultant who I’m always bouncing ideas off. If I need any advice about my business, there’s always someone I can speak to, which means I can focus on making my business as successful as I can.

Ian Stephenson

Previously in a Corporate role

Franchisee since 2018

Before becoming a Franchisee, I worked in a number of senior roles at McDonald’s. Thirty years’ experience with the brand gave me the confidence to set up my own company and I’ve never looked back.

Anne Wainwright

Previously a Sales Director

Franchisee since 2008

Prior to becoming a Franchisee I enjoyed a successful career as a Sales Director for Fujitsu. 10 years ago, I took charge of my first restaurant in Wakefield. Now, I operate six restaurants and employ over 600 people. I love being able to create opportunities for my people.

Paddy Cusack

Previously a Director in Real Estate

Franchisee since 2018

Before becoming a Franchisee, I was a director in a real estate management firm, managing a team of 10 surveyors. I love working with people, so being a Franchisee is perfect for me.

Reema Mavani

Previously an IT Director

Franchisee since 2017

Ever since I was young, I’ve wanted to build my own business. Having worked in the technology sector for over a decade, I knew what it took to manage large teams and be commercial – this experience set me up perfectly for becoming a franchisee.

Hubs Bakshi

Previously an IT Director

Franchisee since 2018

I completed my training to become a Franchisee in July 2018. Before, I worked as the IT Director for McArthurGlen after a 20-year career in the IT sector, leading a large team across Europe. I come from a family of entrepreneurs – my dad owned several businesses. It feels good to follow in his footsteps.

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