Our training allows you to understand roles in the restaurant from crew member to restaurant manager. You’ll have access to a consultant, guiding you through the processes and supporting you through the training.  We have been awarded the British Franchising Association Franchise Support award 2017 in recognition of the way we support our Franchisees.


All Franchisees are supported by a network of Consultants averaging over 20 years’ experience in the McDonald’s system.

The training and support I received from McDonald’s was incredible. Both Franchisee consultants and existing Franchisees were on call to offer support, coaching and great advice.

David Knight

9 months of training and the support doesn’t stop after that. Even today I’ve got access to a consultant who I’m always bouncing ideas off and talking about the vision and future of my business. I speak to her at least weekly if not more.

Reema Mavani
Comprehensive training

All of our Franchisees complete a training programme before they take control of their restaurant. Across the course of the programme, they build their knowledge, gain the experience and learn the skills you need to be a McDonald’s franchise owner.

Plan to win

Plan to Win is a business strategy that aims to keep us aligned with customer needs. Franchisees work with McDonald's employees to create initiatives for the following business year with the goal of making McDonald's the IE & Ireland's best loved quick service restaurant.

Goals for the year are set and grouped under five key pillars, covering the performance areas of People, Operational Excellence, Sales and Marketing, Financial Growth and Trust. They are cascaded throughout the business to every restaurant. As a Franchisee this is tremendously valuable, as it ensures the whole system is aligned and working towards a common goal.

Hubs Bakshi

Our marketing calendar is an example of how we work with our Franchisees. Our Franchisees, McDonald’s senior executives and marketing experts work together to try to achieve a maximum Return on Investment from the marketing budget. It’s important we continue to listen to our customers and continue to innovate new menu items.

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