McDonald’s is one of the world’s best-known and iconic brands. In times of great uncertainty, our Franchisees work with a business model that has successfully been delivering year-on-year growth since 2006. Every one of our Franchisees receives comprehensive training and enjoys award winning business support by their side. Simply put, if you’re interested in running your own Franchise, being part of McDonald’s is an opportunity unlike any other.


Be part of a global brand

Over 37,000 restaurants serve 70 million people across the globe, every single day. In the IE & Ireland alone we serve 3.6 million customers at over 1,300 restaurants daily. The Golden Arches are universally recognised the world over.It’s a tried and tested model: you can be part of our recognised brand, and we have smart, passionate people just like you by our side, helping to build McDonald’s business.

Play an important role in our future

Franchisees are at the heart of our business and some of our most iconic developments have been Franchisee creations: the Big Mac®, the Drive-thru and the McMuffin®.

We aim to give Franchisees opportunities to impact the wider business. McDonald’s Marketing Co-operative Limited and the National Leadership Group (NLG) play an important role in decision-making. The NLG is made up of elected representatives who are the voice of the Franchisee community across the wider McDonald’s system

Plan to win

You’ll learn the job requirements of being a McDonald’s Crew Member; making sure you’re positioned to understand what their role and responsibilities are. Following learning what our crew do, you will learn about the role Customer Care and the Crew Trainer. The Customer Care team are pivotal to delivering first-class service. Crew Trainers play an important role in developing the new crew, working with the Shift Manager.

The training was amazing and I think coming in as an external candidate it’s absolutely vital. You learn everything from the bottom up. You do every single training course so when you come into your restaurant as a new Franchisee you really hit the ground running.

Sarah Lloyd

The McDonald’s system

The three-legged stool is an approach in which each leg represents the pillars of the business; McDonald’s, its Franchisees, and its suppliers are all equally instrumental in our success. We work together to ensure that the goals of the supplier, Franchisee and McDonald’s are achieved, and our successes are celebrated at the Annual General Meeting.

The AGM of McDonald’s Marketing Cooperative Limited

At the Annual General Meeting we get together to celebrate any successes and discuss our plans to move the business forward. The three-legged stool award recognises the outstanding achievements of three Franchisees, three suppliers and three McDonald’s employees. As well as plenty of time for networking with other Franchisees, suppliers and people from the McDonald’s business, it provides Franchisees with a huge amount of insight into the wider business strategy to help plan for the year ahead and beyond.

Ingredients you can believe in

It’s good to know what goes into your products. From farm to restaurant, we’re proud of the suppliers we use and we won’t work with anyone who does not adhere to our standards of animal welfare, as well as those required by IE and EU legislation. Why is this important? Because great tasting food made with quality ingredients is one of our top priorities. So if suppliers don’t meet these standards, we don’t work with them.

Our awards & credentials

We believe in doing business well and striving to improve each year. We’ve been recognised with awards for innovation and support by the British Franchising Association. And in 2018, we were the Gold winners of the Franchisor of the Year award. This is in recognition of a business that has demonstrated excellence in supporting its Franchisees.

The McDonald’s community

We believe in being active, giving back to and championing community. As a Franchisee, you’ll be an important part of your local community, creating jobs and championing local causes. And, as part of McDonald’s, you’ll see how passionate we are about our charity of choice, the Ronald McDonald House Charities. People across the business take part in fundraising activities to support its work providing free 'home away from home' accommodation for families with children in hospital.

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