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With your help, we're looking to open 300 new restaurants over the next 10 years. Creating up to 20,000 job opportunities.

McDonald's is the world's largest chain of quick service restaurants, serving tens of millions of customers daily worldwide.

What's in it for you?

We offer an introductory fee of £20,000 to non-retained agents. Click here for Terms and Conditions

We take leases of up to 25 years

All leases taken by McDonald’s Restaurants Ltd

We're quality tenants, bringing in a yield of between 5% and 6%


What types of properties are we looking for?

Greenfield/Brownfield sites, existing buildings suitable for Drive Thru conversions

Located on retail or leisure parks

On main arterial routes

Co-located with hotels and petrol stations

A minimum of 3600 sq ft restaurant, plus car parking, or minimum of 0.5 acres


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Case Studies

Ely Leisure Village

We recently opened this Drive Thru in Ely, located on the front of a new leisure park on the edge of Ely centre. The restaurant is ideally situated to serve visitors to the leisure park and nearby town centre, as well as being convenient to the surrounding residential catchment and busy road network.


Luton - Dunstable Road

Our second Drive Thru in Luton opened in November 2015 on the Dunstable Road Retail Park. This new two storey restaurant is a bespoke design having previously been a vacant retail warehouse for a number of years. McDonald’s team worked closely with the landlords to design this building which included the installation of a new first floor and the demolition of half of the existing building to facilitate the installation of the Drive Thru lane.


Glasgow - Great Western Retail Park

Our two storey Drive Thru at Great Western Retail Park, Glasgow opened in March 2017 and is situated on the entrance to an established retail park. This is the 15th Drive Thru in Glasgow and is located to serve visitors to the retail park and the surrounding residential catchment.


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